bat1.gifThird Grade Students from Kennedy and Fairview Elementary Schools worked together to write a collaborative Halloween Story. The story was started by student's in Room 203 and then sent to Fairview students in 3C via Google Documents (Docs), which allows for on the spot writing and editing. Students can see the other class creating the story as it is being written. We will then add to it, and this process will go back and forth until the story is complete.

This was a great way to motivate the students to participate in the writing process. Each time a class received an updated version, the anticipation of what was going to be added by the new ghost2.gifgroup that day grew bigger and bigger. As you can see, these third graders created a fantastic Halloween story, and wonderful part is that they wrote it TOGETHER!

Please read our Halloween story, and feel free to leave us comments! (We'd love to hear from you)

Our Halloween Story