Inauguration Day
What an exciting time! Tuesday, January 20th was Inauguration Day for President Barack Obama! We were so lucky to have witnessed the first African-American take the oath of office! It was fun seeing the beautiful memorials and monuments in Washington D.C. that we just learned about in Social Studies! We spent the morning learning about all of the events that occur on Inauguration Day, and we watched them happen LIVE on t.v. It was a very exciting day that we will remember the rest of our lives!

The Friday after Inauguration Day, we worked on an online activity with our 3rd grade buddies at Fairview Elementary! Ms. Cuellar and Ms. Gosche worked together to create a google document (in a questionnaire format) with questions about Tuesday's inauguration. The questions were open ended with a response box for students to type in their answers.

Classes were divided up into four groups, each with two computers in front of them! We were SO FORTUNATE to be able to use a Macbook laptop to Skype for the video conferencing, and another computer (a PC from the mobile laptop cart in our case) with the Google document assignment open. Classrooms rotated asking the questions and each group discussed them together via Skype. Once they reached a consensus on the answer, students traded off typing in the answers into the Google document. Once they reached the last question, they hit the SUBMIT button, which officially submitted their answers and compiled their responses into a spreadsheet format for both Ms. Cuellar and Ms. Gosche to see! What a FUN morning of working together!!!!

Check out the questions we answered, and our responses below! Just click the link:

inauguration assignment_online buddies.pdf

Inauguration_online buddies.pdf

Inauguration_online_buddies_001.jpg Inauguration_online_buddies_002.jpgInauguration_online_buddies_003.jpg Inauguration_online_buddies_004.jpg