This page is going to be dedicated to our MathCasts. You may be wondering...what is a MathCast?

A MathCast is created using VoiceThread, which is an audio media that is linked to a slide (digital picture or video) that allows students to share their thoughts and ideas (A "mini-movie" as we call it). It also provides students with the opportunity to comment back to their peers and their global peers, making it truly interactive and engaging for all.

MathCasts will be created thoughout the year, but our first MathCast project will involve students sharing a game that they have learned (from their math series) to help gain understanding of various math concepts.

In the near future students from the two classrooms will be exchanging a math "Problem of the Week" for the other class or partner to solve, in addtion to explaining what they did to solve the problem, and why they did it (helping develop ISAT math extended response skills).

Below is our first Voicethead created by Kennedy Students.We used pictures of our clasroom & recorded voice comments for each picture.

Our First VoiceThread

Check out our first MathCast below!
We created a 'mini-movie' on how to play the addition game called, Pig!

Here is Fairview's first MathCast!