We are going to start using wikis this year for the first time. A wiki is "an abbreviated version of the full name, wiki-wiki, which translates as “quick” in Hawaiian. Wikis have been around since the mid-1990s, ... and were originally used by software engineers to collaborate on writing software and for other technical tasks. A wiki is a Web site that allows those with access the power to edit or add content, track who made changes, and allow revisions to previous versions if needed." -Education Week's Digital Directions: Wiki Wisdom: Lessons for Educators

We are so glad that you have stopped by to see how two classrooms from different buildings and different school districts are coming together to collaborate!! Third grade students from John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Schiller Park, Illinois (District 81) and Fairview Elementary School in Mount Prospect, Illinois (District 57) are about to 'knock' down the walls of their classrooms to take learning and sharing to a whole new level!!

Please check back often to see what new adventures our teachers take us on next, because the world is at our fingertips now!!